May 19, 2005

New on the Blogroll

Discovered the blog Sane Nation today via an article linked at RCP. Keith Thompson is a transplanted Ohioan living in California, and is a recovering leftist it appears. Not only did his piece "Busting the Moral Equivalence Racket" strike me as very well done, I got a kick out of these comments from today's blog post:

...Barbara Boxer, for whom women and African Americans are invisible unless they declare themselves victims, has encountered a black woman she can't quite bring into view. "Out of the mainstream." That's Senator Boxer's mantra against Justice Rogers Brown's nomination for the D.C. Court of Appeals.

Well. California voters have had the opportunity to pass electoral judgment on both women. Janice Rogers Brown was re-confirmed to the California Supreme Court by 76 percent of voters, compared with 58 percent for Barbara Boxer.

Who's further from the mainsream by this count?

In the World According to Barbara Boxer, there aren't supposed to be any Janice Rogers Browns complicating the pristine horizons of identity politics. In order to be successful, Janice Rogers Brown is supposed to need Barbara Boxer to explain why Brown isn't supposed to be able to succeed on her own. There's no evidence that Brown has called Boxer for a leg up...

Posted by dan at May 19, 2005 11:06 PM
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