January 17, 2005

Mr. 101

I can't quote exact numbers on this, but I read somewhere recently that there were only about a dozen pitches thrown at 100 mph or more in all of major league baseball last season, and about 80% of them were thrown by Cubs reliever Kyle Farnsworth. Among starting pitchers, C.C. Sabathia led the American League with an average fastball speed of 93.9, and National Leaguers Kerry Wood (95.3) and Jason Schmidt (95.0) were 1-2 in all of baseball.

All of this background info is meant to help explain the excitement in Tribeland about young Adam Miller, a 20 year old righthanded starter in the Indians system, who is said to throw an "easy 96, 97, or 98", and topped 100 mph several times late last season. He is considered the top prospect in the Indians minor league system, and is projected for the major leagues "no later than 2006". He'll start the 2005 season in AA Akron, so I'll have ample opportunity to see him pitch this year.

Scouts rave about his work ethic, mental toughness and maturity, as well as his smooth, effortless delivery. His slider is said to be almost "major league ready", and he's working on mastering the changeup, a pitch that will help him get to Jacobs Field sooner instead of later. Check out this profile from today's Plain Dealer.

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