January 12, 2005

Another Ohio State Scandal?

This just in from Brushback.com. Read it all.

COLUMBUS, OH--An ex-Ohio State Buckeye came forward recently with allegations that Maurice Clarett and others received “special benefits” from boosters while playing on the Buckeye’s football team. Specifically, the ex-player stated that Tressell personally arranged for Clarett to have the salt passed to him at a team dinner on more than one occasion. The player, who asked not to be identified, spoke to ESPN’s Seth Wickersham in this month’s issue of ESPN the Magazine.

“Oh, yea, I remember that team dinner when coach [Tressell] hooked Maurice up with some salt,” said the player, who left Ohio State two years ago. “We were all sitting there eating our meals when Maurice said that he needed some salt for his spaghetti. The salt was down the other end of the table, so he couldn’t get it himself. He was complaining, you know? He really wanted to add some seasoning to his food.”

The player then went on to describe the “special arrangement” made by coach Tressell, with the help of his brother and assistant coach, Dick.

“Dick was sitting closest to the salt, so when coach Tressell saw that Maurice needed it, he went right to Dick,” said the player. “He yelled ‘Hey, Dick. Pass the salt!’ And just like that, Dick picked up the salt and passed it down the table to coach, who handed it to Maurice. Just like that. Right out in the open. That’s just how it was. If you were on the football team and needed salt, you’d get it. No receipts, no paper trail, no evidence. And he wasn’t the only one, either.”

Words fail me.

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