October 27, 2003

Gems From the Debate

A quote from Al Sharpton during last night's debate. "One of the reasons I'm glad to be in this race is we're going to have the battle between the Christian right and the right Christians."

Interesting to hear expressed so bluntly what has been implied in so much of the Democrats' divisive rhetoric. That there are "good" Christians, and there are "bad" Christians, and they are sorted out by their political affiliation. Just as there are blacks who are "authentic", and then there are blacks of the other variety, "sellouts" being one of the nicer things they are called, again easily distinguishable by their views on certain political and social issues.

Courtesy of BOTW, here are a couple of other quotes from those who would be President:

"My mother is from the South. One of the things I learned is you can't plant a watermelon seed and grow oranges. You cannot get right out of wrong. . . . We cannot continue to play Bush roulette. It used to be Russian roulette, now it's Bush roulette."--Al Sharpton

"Gen. Boykin has confused the heck out of the White House with all this talk about the Almighty, because when he talks about the Almighty, the president thinks he's talking about Cheney, Cheney thinks he's talking about Halliburton, . . ., and John Ashcroft thinks they're talking about him--so they don't know where to go."--John Kerry

"We blew the place up; we have to fix it back."--Carol Moseley Braun

Posted by dan at October 27, 2003 08:42 PM

I did watch that debate . . . quite interesting to say the least. All of those comments came from that Detroit debate. Another thing that really intrigued me was that every time Kucinich was asked about Iraq, he started talking about homeless people and kids playing video games. Avoidance?

Posted by: jj at November 2, 2003 02:01 AM
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