January 27, 2004

What's it Like in Dennis' World?

At NRO, Andrew Cline goes inside the Kucinich campaign. Here's a little sample of the level of political discourse going on among the supporters of Dennis Kucinich:

"I love Dennis because he shows me how we can have a world where I can be free to be who I am, I can feel safe, and everyone in the country can be safe and happy. Um, yeah."

"Peace and love, that's what he represents for me."

And from the candidate himself...

"Are you ready for free college tuition?!....Are you ready for social and economic justice in a nation that doesn't have any?!"

His website promises no less than an end to fear. And he does have the endorsement of Grandfather Twilight. Maybe in his fantasy world more than 1% of Democrats think he has something serious to say.

Posted by dan at January 27, 2004 02:52 PM
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