July 14, 2003

Population Bust

The U.N. is preparing for their population conference, usually held once every ten years, in which they warn us of the dangers of overpopulation. The fact that there isn't a world overpopulation problem anymore, (if there ever was one) may not matter to these bureaucrats. The U.S. and China have stabilized their populations and in Europe, especially Russia and France, populations are declining, dangerously so in fact. As Paul Weyrich says:

the UN has a whole bureaucratic structure tied up with the other point of view. Bureaucrats almost never admit they are wrong. Moreover, they most often keep pushing in the same direction even when all the data point to the need for an abrupt about face.

If indeed we have another UN population conference warning us of the dangers of overpopulation, perhaps Russia would like to explain to the bureaucrats that she risks going out of existence if the current birthrate is not reversed. Perhaps the village in Spain, that offers a pig to each set of new parents as an incentive for them to have babies, can explain to the UN why they feel they need to do so. Maybe the nations of Europe can make presentations on their welfare state programs aimed at getting young people to have children. These governments know the truth. It is high time for the UN to acknowledge it and to tell the world what is really happening or we should never support a conference on population again.

Weyrich, writing a column for Accuracy in Media, was reacting in part to this Washington Post editorial on the topic of the "Baby Bust" in the U.S.

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