April 01, 2003

About the Blogger

The Official, Obligatory "About the Blogger" Post:

The blogger is Dan Wismar, a native of Cleveland, Ohio.

(The quote is Orwell...from an essay I need to read more often.)

I live in an old farmhouse on a couple of acres about an hour outside of Cleveland, with Cindy, my wonderful wife of 27 years, and our Old English Sheepdog. The two kids are gone (mostly). Our daughter Susan is a college senior and aspiring theatre professional, so we cherish her visits "home", and visit her for all of the theatre productions. And our son Andy, who set up this weblog for me, works for IBM writing Internet applications. The last name accounts for the name of the blog, as well as the nickname "Wiz", with which all members of the family have been tagged at one time or another.

My working career for the past 25 years has been in professional recruiting, staffing, and employment consulting, in roles as employee, manager and owner. I suppose that my entreprenurial experience informs my conservatism to a degree.

My passions are politics and sports, not necessarily in that order. The fact that I am a very patient man is attributable to having been a lifelong Cleveland Indians fan. 'Nuff said? I'm also a Browns ticket holder, although I still consider the college level the purest form of sport, and have bled OSU "Scarlet and Gray" as long as I can remember.

I don't recall exactly when I began to self-identify as a conservative, (probably during the Carter administration), but it was with the onset of the Internet/PC boom, (circa 1990, for me) that my thirst for information and understanding of political and public policy matters became more than a casual thing. The web allowed me to observe the political process from a newer, closer vantage point, and now the blogosphere has gone one level better, as a way for me to vent with relative impunity.

I'm a golfer who occasionally (okay, rarely) breaks 80, and a pretty fair racquetball player for an old guy. As an athlete, I find that the injuries are the same these days, it's just the recovery time that changes.

I have been truly blessed. I thank God, my parents, and my wonderful extended family for that. Life is good.

Posted by dan at April 1, 2003 01:11 PM

Very well stated. Although I really didn't realize how conservative your leanings have become. What happened to " The Greening of America ", " Tune in, Turn on and Drop-out ". Oh yea, age, wisdom and responsibility. Hate that!!

Posted by: Gary Gemberling at May 6, 2003 10:41 AM
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