April 22, 2003

It Could Be Worse

Frustrated and impatient Ohio sports fans should take solace in the fact that it could be worse. They could be in Michigan.

First, the hated Buckeyes win the National Championship, the Red Wings get swept in the first round,.....then baseball season starts, and they have the Tigers. My personal feelings about this state of affairs brings to mind Dennis Hopper's sarcastic lament in Waterworld.... "a single tear rolls down my cheek".

Posted by dan at April 22, 2003 01:00 PM

My school of thought regarding sports is that in theory, a professional sports team should be somewhat proportional to the quality and support of their specific fan base. i.e. it can be argued that Cleveland has some of the best baseball fans in existence having broken attendance records thus, they should have one of the best baseball teams. I'm excited about Ellis Burks, Milton Bradley, Omar Vizquel, Karim Garcia, et.al. However, those few players don't make a team. I think this team is one or two players from having what it takes to go to the playoffs. For example: Jim Thome or Bartolo Colon. Some baseball trades I understand.... Some I don't. I'm definately interested in some of the "behind the scenes" dealings that go on. Can anyone shed some light on the subject???

Posted by: Steve Yurick at April 22, 2003 01:35 PM
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